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Earlier, we say a big thank you for your visit, let us introduce ourselves, or our production, the manufacturer or, to produce ceramic mugs, ceramic cups for the promotion, which is often called mug promotional, souvenir mug gift mug, gift mug, or glass gifts.

Promotional glasses that you can message with logo design, or writing in accordance with your request, promotional mugs, souvenir mug, gift mug, mugs merchandise.
Warner Abadi is a form of limited partnership company, established under the deed of Notary Agus Madjid.SH. March 2, 1997.

Our company is located at: Kotawisata, ottawa Cibubur, East Jakarta, We produce promotional items, in particular, made of ceramic material such as ceramic or glass ceramic mug, " promotional mugs, souvenir mugs, merchandise mug, ceramic ashtrays, ceramic bowls, or ceramic bowl, ceramic plates, lasakna ceramics, pottery teasets. ceramic dinner sets. with logo designs, in accordance with customer demand, which is usually used for company promotions, or promotional gifts, souvenirs, gifts, merchandise with a relatively cheap price, if diliah of benefit or function.

ceramic mug, promotional mug, gift mug
At this time, many and varied forms of mugs that we made. but not all shapes can be arbitrary we market. Because there are some that are made in accordance with customer demand. Mug generally like this we call the term custom mug

* Tea set ceramic
Ceramic tea set consisting of a teapot, cup Saucer 5. or 6-cup teapot Saucer without. but there is also a tea set tea called four one means a ceramic tea set is a combination of 4 to 1. one in four have a tea pot, 1 cup and 1 Saucer.

Saucer regular cup is also called a ceramic cup and saucer ceramic or ceramic coaster

* Ceramic Ashtray
Ceramic ashtray made from a variety of shapes and sizes. There are several ceramic ashtray that had been our production as demand for this type of ceramic ashtray is large enough, namely ashtrays 9.5 cm diameter spherical standard.

* The bowl of ceramic or ceramic bowl
Ceramic bowls or ceramic bowls so-called bowl not too many variants. some of which are already very popular is the chicken bowl, bowl of porridge, baby bowls and bowls of vegetables. As the name implies, of course this is closely associated with the shape, size and benefits than the bowl was made.

* Glass Beling
Shard of glass, clear glass or usually called by the name of glass because it is made of glass. The size and shape is also very diverse. But there are some forms of glass that is commonly used for the needs of souvenir cups and cups of coffee cups promotion include ( nescafe mug size, use the handle) , standard glass ( the size of a standard mug, use the handle) , cups without handles from small, medium, to large.

* Display Dishes, plates, dinner plates, plaque and Souvenir Plates
Placards and plates souvenir plates can be made using flat plate or flat like a pie plate. This dish consists of various sizes are size 6, 7, 8 and 10.5 inches. Plate material is generally made of ceramic porcelain. With 800-degree arson decoration, drawing on the plate surface this looks great. Generally, ordering this item, always with a plastic or wooden cradle.

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